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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Petals, originally uploaded by iCoty.

*Part of the original Tiger series (Mac OS 10.4) of wallpapers.


Pier, originally uploaded by iCoty.

Piers have been built for several different purposes, and because these different purposes have distinct regional variances, the term pier tends to have different nuances of meaning in different parts of the world. Thus in North America and Australia, where many ports were, until recently, built on the multiple pier model, the term tends to imply a current or former cargo-handling facility. In Europe however, where ports have tended to use basins and river-side quays rather than piers, the term is principally associated with the image of a Victorian cast iron pleasure pier.

*Part of the original Tiger series (Mac OS 10.4) of wallpapers.

Sweeping Current

Sweeping Current, originally uploaded by iCoty.

Apple Tablet PC is real, says Asus

Crave hangs with people in high places -- that's how we get exclusives and free food. A few weeks ago we were having a civilised dinner with our friends at Asus and angling for cool stories when we were told in a very hushed manner: "Asus is helping Apple build a Tablet PC."

We're tempted to ignore all Apple rumours because there's just so many of them, but this rings true because Asus is Apple's contract manufacturer. It's one of the companies responsible for...

*Part of the original Tiger series (Mac OS 10.4) of wallpapers.

Sea Mist

Sea Mist, originally uploaded by iCoty.

Sea Mist by Chip Forelli

*Part of the original Tiger series (Mac OS 10.4) of wallpapers.


Stones, originally uploaded by iCoty.

Paperweight, Doorstop, Skipping Stone? Lots of New Uses for Hacked iPhones

Presumably any iPhone owner who's tech-savvy enough to hack it is well aware of the consequences of installing Apple's 1.1.1 update. Anyone who misses, misunderstands or disbelieves the company's widespread warnings and loads the software onto the device anyway will seal its doom. The once fabulous smartphone will be neither smart, nor a phone -- but it might make a nice paperweight.

*Part of the original Tiger series (Mac OS 10.4) of wallpapers.

Purple Frond

Purple Frond, originally uploaded by iCoty.

Palmaria palmata (L.) Kuntze, also called Dulse, dillisk, dilsk or creathnach, is a red algae (Rhodophyta) previously referred to as Rhodymenia palmata (Linnaeus) Greville. It grows on the northern coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is a well-known snack food, and in Iceland, where it is known as söl, it has been an important source of fiber through the centuries.

Wikipidia - Palmaria palmata

*Part of the original Tiger series (Mac OS 10.4) of wallpapers.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Zen Garden

Zen Garden, originally uploaded by iCoty.

Don't let the stresses of life get you down so early in the year, or any time for that matter. This puzzle game will help you reach that calm state. Be zen and rake a beautiful zen rock garden puzzle while making sure you cover the whole surface. Or choose the "design" option and have your own zen rock garden on your desktop for your own creations. It's less messy than the one that sits on an actual desk, you know. by Lexaloffle


*Part of the original Tiger series (Mac OS 10.4) of wallpapers.