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Monday, November 5, 2007


Lightning, originally uploaded by iCoty.

A tree of light, a tree of spark.
Light, then sound, paints the dark.
A beautiful work of natures touch.
the power to grasp, a bit too much.

The other side of this beauty's burst
lightning's force stabs at the earth
can stop a life or start fires anew
as rain surrounds the horizon's view.

But writers can have a similar spark
a lightning thought light's up their dark
the words appear with a muses touch
the literary challenge a bit too much.

The other side of this writers lament
the struggle for words to help cement
the meaning behind the story to tell
sometimes lost in the brain from hell.

-Michael Charles Messineo

*Part of the original Tiger series (Mac OS 10.4) of wallpapers.

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